Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Bachelor (EEB) with a focus on
Automation and Industrial Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) are important topics in Automation Technology. The development in these areas is very fast. It is important to Germany’s industry to remain in a leading position. 
Automation Technology is, for example, about developing new production sites that meet customer needs in a flexible way and that are safe in case of a failure. Connectivity via Internet as well as data security are vital.

Female and male engineers with an electrotechnical background are one of the most popular professional groups in demand in Germany. Salaries and future career opportunities could not be better currently.
Our students will participate in a multilateral course of studies. It gathers the fields Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Measuring and Control Technology. The study course combines small study groups, individual support, intensive practice orientation and close contacts to the regional industry.

»Being part of a very friendly group of international students, the citizen of Mannheim and also the staff from Hochschule Mannheim has made everything so smooth upon arriving in Germany and settling in.«

Two in one: the new programme Electrical Engineering from winter semester 2020

The new study programme Electrical Engineering merges the existing courses Automation Technology and Power Engineering and Renewable Energies into one. With this new programme students decide after the first year which focus to follow: Automation and Industrial Internet of Things or Power Engineering and Renewable Energies.

Why have we made this change? Up to now students had to decide on their focus on starting here. Now students can learn about both areas and then make their decision when they are sure what they want.