Planung für das aktuelle Wintersemester

Die Corona-Pandemie erfordert von uns allen ein hohes Maß an Flexibiltät und Kreativität.

Im vergangenen Sommersemester wurden alle Lehrveranstaltungen online angeboten und die Studierenden hatten die Möglichkeit, alle vorgesehenen Prüfungen abzulegen. 

Im aktuellen Wintersemester bieten wir - solange es die Pandemiesituation zulässt - eine Mischung von Präsenz- und Online-Lehre.

Diese Planung wird je nach Pandemielage und Hygieneanforderungen permanent angepasst.

Fest steht, wir werden allen Studierenden alle Lehrveranstaltungen in der gewohnt hohen Qualität anbieten - entweder vor Ort oder online. 

Gemeinsam setzen wir alles daran, dass den Studierenden aus der aktuellen Situation kein Nachteil entsteht.

Weitere Information zu Corona finden Sie hier

Coronavirus Crisis

Dear students and prospective students,

Summer semester 2020 is over, and we are looking back at the first one online.

As we got hit by COVID-19 during the first week of the semester, Hochschule Mannheim was forced to change to online-teaching with literally no lead time. Summarizing, we can look back on mixed results. Not everything was perfect, but together we were able to achieve a lot. Most lecturers changed their teaching to online conferences, teaching videos, Q&A sessions etc. Most of our labs have been replaced on the fly with online content; and most of the exams have been carried out in presence, as in previous semesters. Personally, I would summarize by saying “open heart surgery: patient is alive and well”.

Now we started the winter semester:

We are planning to leverage the ease in corona restrictions, paired with our small group sizes, with a hybrid semester: a good mix of online and presence courses. For our first year students, we are planning our language classes in presence so you have the best possible way to acquire the necessary language skills. Starting from your second semester, our technical labs will be carried out in presence, to give you the best opportunity to learn. At the end we are a university of applied sciences, so practical work is very important. We will utilize the summer break to prepare safe ways to operate our labs.

We wish you all the best for your exams, enjoy the summer break, even if you may not be able to fly back home, and we hope to see you all well again in winter semester 2020/21.

More information about Corona you will find here

Your Electrical Engineering Team

Silke Förstermann, John Clear, Simon Effler