Planung für das aktuelle Sommersemester

Die Corona-Pandemie erfordert von uns allen ein hohes Maß an Flexibiltät und Kreativität.

Im den vergagenen Semestern wurden alle Lehrveranstaltungen online angeboten und die Studierenden hatten die Möglichkeit, alle vorgesehenen Prüfungen abzulegen. 

Im kommenden Somersemester bieten wir zunächst alle Lehrveranstaltungen online an, sind aber vorbereitet - sofern es die Pandemiesituation zulässt - wieder zu Hybrid- oder Präsenzlehre überzugehen.

Diese Planung wird je nach Pandemielage und Hygieneanforderungen permanent angepasst.

Fest steht, wir werden allen Studierenden alle Lehrveranstaltungen in der gewohnt hohen Qualität anbieten - entweder vor Ort oder online. 

Gemeinsam setzen wir alles daran, dass den Studierenden aus der aktuellen Situation kein Nachteil entsteht.

Weitere Information zu Corona finden Sie hier

Studying during the Corona pandemic

The exam period is closing; the winter semester is coming to its end. Time to summarize and look forward.

We´ve had a very successful start of the international BSc programme in Electrical Engineering in winter semester 2020/21. Despite the ongoing pandemic, 27 of our 30 international study places were given to students from all over the world. We´ve had international first semester students from 24 different countries starting with us in September – a new record! Only two of our international students couldn´t make it to Germany to now and are currently studying online with us from their home countries. Hopefully by the beginning of the summer semester 2021 at the end of March they will be with us in Mannheim.

We are very happy to report that the majority of our welcome and German language programmes in September took place in presence. The technical courses started with a hybrid format – presence with a reduced number of students per room. However, with tightened regulations at the beginning of November, we had to switch to online courses for most of the classes. In the higher semesters, lab experiments are conducted in presence under strict regulations as we have established safe ways to operate these in person. All exams in February and March 2021 are being held online, either in written or oral formats.

Currently preparations for the summer semester 2021 are taking place. We are planning with a mix of online and in-presence lectures in hybrid formats. As last semester we are again planning to give in-presence priority to our first-year students, German language courses and laboratories. We´ve established a nice mix of different online class types; using online conferences to replace classical lectures, but also teaching videos and Q&A sessions. In-course exercises are conducted using web conference with small groups (e.g. in breakout-rooms) to enable discussions. Assignments can be handed in online as well. For the summer semester, we hope to switch our language courses back to presence, while the lectures will remain online to enable students from other programmes to have labs in presence. We are confident that we will be allowed to offer in-person exercises and tutorial lessons as well.

As a university of applied sciences it is our ongoing aim to give you the best possible way to acquire the necessary practical skills and to give you the best opportunity to learn with our small group sizes, whether for German language classes or practice-oriented labs.

The welcome programme for our international students of winter semester 2020/21 has shown us that student support is necessary to a much wider extent during pandemic times. We are happy to provide ongoing buddy support and bureaucratic advice, whether online or in person within the still necessary existing hygiene and safety regulations. All our students can rely on us and their classmates, we are in this together and support each other in every possible way.

We are confident that with the experience of 2020 together we will be able to master a successful summer and winter semester 2021/22.

We are looking forward to it! See you :-) Stay healthy.

Your Electrical Engineering team Silke Förstermann, John Clear and Simon Effler.

More information and Corona updates you will find here.